rpo_300Red Planet Orchestra recently released their third album, We Breathe Together. The album marks a distinct evolution in their sound. Aurora Symphony, their debut release was a stunning piece of ethereal ambient and their second album also turned a few heads.

However, We Breathe Together shows that Red Planet Orchestra are striving to produce even more awesome sounds for your listening pleasure.

Red Planet Orchestra are Vince Rees  and Pete Smith. They combine elements of sublime orchestral themes in ambient music and produce astounding work.

We Breathe Together takes this even further. There are many types of ambient styles, but it is not often that artists are able to produce a sound that oozes emotion. Aurora Symphony had it, but their latest work is a positive tour-de-force of emotional ambient music.

The album starts with No Return To The Edge. From the outset it has a strong symphonic feel which has a very serious intent. The delivery is bright and cheerful but intelligently counterbalanced with a mature feeling of subtle melancholy. It’s almost as though you are experiencing the emotions of someone who has attained a worthy goal and is celebrating that, but who also is thinking of some of the trials that occurred along the way. In short, it is no effort to feel as though you are reflecting on the highs and lows of a journey.

This is quite a rare feat.

The rest of the album conveys the same maturity – sometimes dark, always emotional and always grabbing your attention and making you listen. If you enjoy orchestral ambient music, and also have an appreciation for the emotional side of ambient then I cannot recommend this enough. It is excellent.

You can listen to the entire album and purchase it via Bandcamp and there is a video containing an excerpt from the first track available on YouTube.

Have a listen!

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