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Honourable Mention 2

Listen to some of these – ambient, minimal techno, dub-techno, dark ambient, downtempo, drone… Some very good albums here. If I had the time I’d write a lot more. Ctrl+click on the image to open the download/purchase page in a new tab.

Tillman Slayer – Chiquandella Street – Orignal experimental ambient music.





Giriu Dvasios – Visa – Very deep Dub-Techno





Dan Miñoza – Winter Kept Us Warm – Dark industrial ambient longform. Technological dounds…





The Circular Ruins – Invisible Cities – Clean clear shimmering ambient





Point – Deepending – Quality groovy techno





Smooth Genestar – Rem Phase – Warm comfortable downtempo sounds.





Sandwell District – Feed Forward – Excellent smooth techno rhythms. These tunes are mature and well rounded.





SlowNoise – The Cold Ground – Superb heady dub-techno that’s heavy on the dub. Spacious!




Giriu Dvasios – Ziema – Dub Techno with deep bass textures. Subliminal!





Reptilian Fur – Compilation album featuring many types of ambient to suit all moods.





Kirill Platonkin – Pines At Sunset – quality dense drone ambient from Russia!





Wings Of An Angel – In My Darkest Dreams – Massive ambient/dark ambient album. Some very long form tracks totalling 4hrs!





Aythar’s Soundcloud profile – Lots of great electronic mesmerising ambience. Very good sounds! Check out Aythar and Aythar3 too.





Red Fog – Anthracite Winter Over The Lidocaine River – From Paralucid – another great ambient drone album with a sprinkling of dark ambient too…





i AM esper – Floating Black – More guitar work from New Brunswick soon to be released on Vomit Bucket Productions and Depressive Illusions Records






Some of this years music favourites…

I have listened to a lot of music this year and there have been some great albums and even newly discovered (for me) genres. This list is not confined to releases from 2011 but comprises music I’ve really enjoyed listening to. Check out some of this stuff. Much of it is free and released under a Creative Commons (CC) license (free for personal use) unless specified. So, dip in and sample some of these treats. This list could have been a lot longer.

Dub-Techno (all CC)

I’m a big fan of dub, and a big fan of techno. Both are, imo, awesome, but discovering a fusion of the two ‘dub-techno’ this year was serendipity. A few of the artists that really stand out for me are:

Slownoise – The City’s Shore. Beautifully crafted dub sounds over a minimal beat that sparkles. For me, this sound is top quality and is suitable both for personal listening and with friends.

Gennaro Molino – Dub Land. This is deep, bassy, rich, contemplative dub-techno. This is a cut above the rest. Slow and luxurious.

Brickman – Consume. An emerging young artist, Brickman displays an astonishing talent for original sound composition and mixing. Check out his work.

44minds & Subform. This is another great piece of work. This one features remixes by several artists and is worth listening to.

Other artists that I have enjoyed listening to include Marc Atmost, Ocralab, Echoton, Rob Velasquez and Urenga.

Various flavours of Trance and Techno

I’ve been a big fan of trance since the early 90’s and it is good to see this genre is still going strong. Stuff that made me get up and dance my socks off include:

Ace Ventura’s Judo Chop,  and The Jolly Roger (with Captain Hook) blew me away. Thumping trance that really gets you moving.

System 7 have been around for a long time and have produced some top quality sounds. This month they released a free recording of their Boom Festival performance

Timedrained : Dilemma. Been out for some time but, seriously, you won’t go far wrong listening to this. Nicely paced and truly mesmeric trance.

This is where I cop out and genralise. I have listened to a LOT of trance and techno and most of it has been released under a CC license. There are two netlabels to watch:

If you enjoy psytrance then check out Ektoplazm run by DJ Basilisk. This netlabel pumps out consistently high-quality music from some very proficient artists. Ektoplazm also releases techno and down-tempo. BPM’s range from <100 to >160 and some actually peak over 190. Something for everyone 🙂 The netlabel is very active and serves in the region of 20 terrabytes of free music to the trance community each month  – I think that in itself is testament to the quality of the music released here.

If you enjoy Techno then Digital Diamonds is the way to go. Specialising in pure quality techno, this label often co-releases material on Ektoplazm as well. The catalogue is restricted but the term ‘small but perfectly formed’ springs to mind.

There are also the copious mixes… I’ve listened to a lot, but one DJ that I’ve taken a shine to is Anyer Quantum. I came across him when he won a mix competition on Digital Diamonds. He’s since released several mixes. Keep up with his work on his SoundCloud page. A versatile DJ, he’ll appeal to many fans of trance and techno.

Various flavours of Ambient

A vibrant genre that always sees a huge number of releases. Apart from those albums I’ve reviewed, I’ve also really enjoyed these:

Aes Dana’s Aftermath. Ambient and hypnotic, this album is suited to all environments.

Anything by Palancar and Tange! For a big selection of CC releases featuring Palancar or Tange (plus a LOT more), check out Earth Mantra Netlabel. These artists have produced consistently good albums/live sessions that are great to listen to again and again.

A Winged Victory For The Sullen’s eponymous album. Emotive ambient classical music designed to get under your skin. Deep. If you like this then you should also listen to Stars Of The Lid.

Anything by Kirill Platonkin. Deep ambient drone with a subliminal edge. Ethereal, light and truly relaxing.

Complex Silence Series. A collection of over 20 ambient soundscapes by various artists. Quality listening!

Red Fog’s Dronerider. Dark and ambient. Along with Milk of Amnesia and Sculpted in Luminol (and reviewed here), Red Fog produces top notch ambient with a dark edge.

IOK-1’s Sensorisk Deprivation. Brilliantly composed minimal dark ambient that stands out. Also check out his collaboration with Red Fog: Bortom Reparation. Although the physical release sold out quite quickly, IOK-1’s Poems is extreme minimal (even skeletal) ambient.

A dark ambient treat was released on the Kalpamantra label a short while ago. Saur Maas comprises 8hrs of top of the range sounds by various artists. For a decent overview of the dark ambient genre the Kalpamantra compilations are a good start.

The artist that got me into dark ambient: Kerovnian – Far Beyond, Before The Time. Dark and melancholic sounds that are truly atmospheric.

Osman Arabi – I first heard this guy’s stuff on a Kalpamantra compilation. He recently released Snakes, Lizards and Shamans which is an incredibly atmospheric and dark piece of music.

There is so much more ambient I would like to include, but the list would be LONG!

Funeral Doom

I discovered Funeral Doom quite by accident. I enjoy Electric Wizard (Doom Rock) and find Funeral Doom to be an extreme version of all things doom and rock. Fantastic stuff I’ve listened to mostly from the Nulll-Void netlabel. Fall Of The Grey Winged One, Until Death Overtakes Me, Uncertainty Principle – if you like doom taken to extremes then this stuff is for you.

Ambient Doom

A lot of i AM esper has been pumped out through my speakers. Ambient and doom, the sounds are characterised by his electric baritone guitar.  If you like dark ambient but also like well crafted guitar feedback ‘doom-style’ that makes you want to practice your air guitar you should check his music out.


Music I’ve heard this year that I can’t categorise, or which has been out for years but which I still find superb listening.

Mahatma Dali’s Steam-Powered Serpent, Noiseflowr’s My life is my own, This Mortal Coil’s Filligree and Shadow, Faith No More’s The Real Thing, Cocteau Twins’ Head Over Heels, Philip Glass A Nonsuch Retrospective – More than 100 tracks (nearly 12hrs) from one of the masters of minimalist classical music. Ptarkh’s Insulin, Inade’s contribution to Tesco Disco – Heavy electronics II, Bungle’s Move On, The Orb featuring David Gilmour – Metallic Spheres, Mystified’s Bone Drone series and Hawkwind’s Eponymous album.

Great stuff 🙂


Updated Dec 20 to flesh out i AM esper and to add Osman Arabi