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Honourable Mention 2

Listen to some of these – ambient, minimal techno, dub-techno, dark ambient, downtempo, drone… Some very good albums here. If I had the time I’d write a lot more. Ctrl+click on the image to open the download/purchase page in a new tab.

Tillman Slayer – Chiquandella Street – Orignal experimental ambient music.





Giriu Dvasios – Visa – Very deep Dub-Techno





Dan Miñoza – Winter Kept Us Warm – Dark industrial ambient longform. Technological dounds…





The Circular Ruins – Invisible Cities – Clean clear shimmering ambient





Point – Deepending – Quality groovy techno





Smooth Genestar – Rem Phase – Warm comfortable downtempo sounds.





Sandwell District – Feed Forward – Excellent smooth techno rhythms. These tunes are mature and well rounded.





SlowNoise – The Cold Ground – Superb heady dub-techno that’s heavy on the dub. Spacious!




Giriu Dvasios – Ziema – Dub Techno with deep bass textures. Subliminal!





Reptilian Fur – Compilation album featuring many types of ambient to suit all moods.





Kirill Platonkin – Pines At Sunset – quality dense drone ambient from Russia!





Wings Of An Angel – In My Darkest Dreams – Massive ambient/dark ambient album. Some very long form tracks totalling 4hrs!





Aythar’s Soundcloud profile – Lots of great electronic mesmerising ambience. Very good sounds! Check out Aythar and Aythar3 too.





Red Fog – Anthracite Winter Over The Lidocaine River – From Paralucid – another great ambient drone album with a sprinkling of dark ambient too…





i AM esper – Floating Black – More guitar work from New Brunswick soon to be released on Vomit Bucket Productions and Depressive Illusions Records






Last February Waiting World Records released Like Hemlock by Dan Miñoza  & M. Peck.

Just over one hour of music begins with Bloodwood, a silken track with organic sounds accompanying synths and a base drone that carries it along. The track hints at innocence, before descending into a dark landscape before it finishes. The dark ending of Bloodwood prepares the listener for the tense start of Kapala – something ominous this way definitely comes. As Kapala progresses, industrial sounds are introduced, hinting at some mechanical process.

The amazing dark ambient sounds that comprise Atlantia are deep and bassy. Rising and falling, the track pulses with a palpable atmosphere that places you in some scary environment. The track develops very slowly, with just the occassional sound of something being moved about, scraped along the wall or being torn. A great track that is tense and forbidding.

The slow extended distortion that introduces Mara rapidly develops into an intriguing piece of music that is the essence of strange. This is as close to ‘noise’ as the album gets, and the stereo panning with delay effects on this makes it a must for the headphones. The track is in no way unstructured, and it will certainly transport you to a strange place.

Redjinnerate has a great atmosphere that incorporates both light ambience and darker layers. It is difficult to pull off tracks that merge light and dark aspects but this one definitely succeeds. Dejinnerate, on the other hand is a wonderful piece of light airy ambience. It shimmers with an Eastern flavour and uses light synth sounds to create a bright atmosphere that is uplifting and relaxing.

The title track is excellent. Organic sounds overlay a strange landscape. Underlying drones provide an edgy backdrop to a track that becomes cinematic. Sometimes syncopated, the music here is rich and varied and finishes on a very smooth ambient note.

Like Hemlock succeeds in presenting mixture of ambient compositions ranging from tense, dark and sometimes industrial imaginings through to bright light pieces. A varied piece of work which maintains a very high quality throughout. The tracks evolve slowly, their minimalist style contributing to a professional piece of work. You won’t go far wrong by purchasing this.

Listen to more of Dan Miñoza’s work and collaborations here. You can hear more of Michael Peck’s sounds here

Official Press Release:

The debut album from Dan Miñoza and M. Peck is a masterwork of isolated kinetics, turgid textures and vast dynamics drawing the listener in with stark minimalism and dark ambient atmospheres coupled with sparse sound design.  

These collected works were inspired by the novelist Charles Bukowski and photographer Sally Mann, from whom both Miñoza and Peck draw much influence. The album was recorded from August 2011 through December 2011, then later mixed and mastered by Peck at Audio Propulsion Labs in January of 2012. The result is an intimate voyage into the abyss with two of today’s most diverse independent ambient musicians.