Mark loves music. He spends hours and hours listening to music – ambient, dark ambient, experimental, trance, electronic, techno, dub, drum’n’bass… At the moment he’s listening to a lot of dark ambient and ambient. When he hears something he really likes he gives it a few more listens and writes about it, sharing his experience on this blog.

He’s not a music buff. In fact he knows nothing about the technical side of music. Everything written here is what he felt, how he interpreted the music, what he saw in his mind’s eye.

During the day Mark is an IT guy. He also does a fair bit of photography, cycling, and enjoys the odd drink or three with good friends.

You can listen to some of Mark’s dark ambient mixes (2 x 2hr mix) on his Soundcloud page or, if you enjoy dub-techno check out Mark’s other page here (1 x 2hr mix). All are available to listen/download for free