One of the types of music I have always been into is classic electronic music – Tangerine Dream, Klaus Schultze etc, and more recently what has become to be known as space ambient which draws on these classics. Zalys has created some original and awesome space ambient and has developed her own style further and created an excellent dark ambient/dark electronic album named Reminiscences.

The track names give away the nature of the album but this is not simply dark ambient (and the ‘dark’ is very good). This is dark electronic music that has been brought to you from the cold outer reaches of the galaxy. There’s no life out there, just the blasted surfaces of interstellar bodies tumbling through space. But, those bodies have seen things and if you know how to read them each has a tale to tell.

Leaking In The Machine Room and Aftermath leave you in no doubt that what once was no longer exists. Dark and forlorn, the music speaks of mistakes that led to decay and, ultimately, emptiness. Hopeless Mind hints at an inaccessible grandeur. A long time ago it might have been effulgent, but now just a faint grey memory exists…

Downfall follows currents washing through derelict spaces, dessicating and crumbling, eventually leaving nothing but dry dust where once strength and beauty reigned.This is followed by Into Oblivion which makes me think of some horrific gigantic maw swallowing everything in its path, devouring entire worlds in one go.

I like dark ambient very much and this is brilliant. While not the classic style, it is incredibly well done and what is important is that the ‘dark’ element takes precedence throughout. When asked, Zalys said that this album went through several iterations over two years – cutting stuff, re-writing, adding etc before she was happy with it and that it also provided some challenges. She says the main thrust of the album is its post-apocalyptic nature

There is a lot of dark ambient that uses long drawn out drones to build very dark atmospheres. This is far more melodic and that is what makes it stand out. This is for fans of dark ambient and dark electronica in general. I think it is great!

If you are not familiar with other work by Zalys you should definitely check her work out: