Wow – there has been a lot of really good ambient, dark ambient and techno sounds released recently. Read and listen…

Ambient and Dark Ambient

I recently discovered Philip Wilkerson’s The Way Home from Earth Mantra. This is wonderful idyllic ambient music. Some stuff reaches out to you and that is what you’ll experience with this. Emotional.





Cryo Chamber has released Out Of Time by Halgrath. This was a surprise as the emphasis is upon the music rather than Agratha’s classically trained voice, which, as ever, is awesome πŸ™‚ Dark and mysterious, the album is best summed up by a brilliant video available on Vimeo





Bardoseneticcube and Thelxinoe worked on a split which has some excellent dark vibes reverberating through it. Very atmospheric. Released by DNA Production.





Earlyguard is another artist I recently discovered who produces long form ambient drone sprinkled with delicious sounds designed to please the ears. Momentum is essential listening for ambient lovers.





Playing catch-up again I found Alio Die’s Cube 7 – Sospensione D’Estate. Dreamy vibes available from various outlets. This is orchestral ambient with a strong contemplative element.





Úden’s Ruinas comprises skeletal dark ambient soundscapes. Released via Kalpamantra, the album is best appreciated through headphones as there are some very quiet moments.





Another Kalpamantra release features Alphaxone’s Invisible. Ambient drones and other vibes reach out and populate the space between your ears, filling your head with electronic goodness. My favourite track is Echoes.





Starting to move into the realms of more experimental ambient I was bowled over ny Another Neglected Hobby’s Lingo Tango. This is excellent ‘picture’ music – literally. The album was inspired by the works of Ed Paschke and it is easy to equate the music with the art. Top job!





Webbed Hands Records’ Rain Series continues with long form contributions from Eccentrum and Jack Hertz. This series contains some very good works, but both of these really stand out. Highly recommended.






The last couple of saturday mornings I have managed to catch Anyer Quantum’s Mixlr sets. Last week was an 8 hour epic and this morning’s broadcast was full of very cool sounds. I really like Anyer’s sets because he is not afraid to slow the pace down or move away from mainstream sounds. Quality! Catch up with him on Facebook and listen to his selections from Hoof and Horns and Soundcloud to get an idea of the sort of music he enjoys.





Still on Techno, Point has released another minimal techno album called Waveform on Digital Diamonds. Slightly different to Point, this is more exploratory in nature and will have your body rocking in no time at all πŸ™‚






For those of you who like your ambient music and who have varied tastes, check out Stars Can Frighten. This is aimed at artists creating more experimental music and Kiril Platonkin kicks off with Irregularity (also, check out Kiril’s collaboration with Italy’s Jarguna on Endless Ascent). Out on a limb!





Sound For Good Records releases a lot of music under a pay-what-you-like basis, including free. Every single penny goes to a good cause. They have a very impressive range of styles including dark ambient, ambient, experimental, psychedelic and space music. The Space Music compilation alone contains over 14 hours of great sounds!