Emptywhale : Fearscapes

Fearscapes is one of those albums where you close your eyes and suddenly realise you are no longer sat in front of your speakers. Track 1, ‘Fields’ drops you in an empty, open and lonely expanse, the terrain has been blasted, nothing grows here. Five tracks of emotive, melancholic dark ambient that will transport you to different realms for 35mins. Available through HAZE via Archive.org

Instant Pyrolysis : The Asylum

Valenten’s album is a triumph of intelligently crafted dark ambient music. Those lucky enough to get the limited edition will also enjoy a lot of bonus material along with the signed album. This moves well beyond the usual DA fare. It is directed along a narrow path, but the diversity of the sounds is astounding. One of the better dark ambient albums that has been released this year.

IOK-1 : That Which Remains Is Silence

I am a huge fan of IOK-1 and listening to That Which Remains Is Silence is, like listening to all his music, an immersive experience. David has the rare ability to create music that is skeletal in content, but which is so well made and produced that you quite literally feel you are hanging in space – there is nothing to impede these sparse sounds from impacting every sense you own. Download it from Etched Traumas

Subterrestrial : Lifeform

Subterrestrial recently re-released two albums for free. One was the dub-themed Agartha (another of my favourite genres), and the other was an ambient excursion into nature called Lifeform. Subterrestrial is an accomplished artist whose work varies enormously. When you listen to Lifeform you are struck by the melding of different genres and emotions that combine to create a very listenable and enjoyable piece of music. Light and dark, airy ambience and subtle menace, abstract sounds and electronic noise are all used to illustrate Lifeform.