Kundar is a project by the same person responsible for The No-Tone Project and Descent Into The Void. The track ‘The Ghosts Still Haunt Me’, available via Soundcloud is a wonderfully immersive piece of ambient music with blunt dark edges. By that I do not mean that it is raw or without finesse, but that the music has a palpable, almost physical effect. It is heavy and you get the feeling that it is trying to push against you, to smother you.

This is one of those pieces of music that can be described as a ‘soundscape’. As such, it is best enjoyed through headphones and should be played Loud. As the track plays out, you can almost feel those vibes buffeting you, as if you were stood in a windy place. The dense bass rumble hovering in the background suggests that something huge is there, keeping its distance, but supporting everything you hear. As the track nears completion, you can hear the sounds of something trying to speak, to escape. It is a great effect and the track is highly recommended. The latest news is that we can look forward to more music from this project. That will be a treat!