Fantazma is a compilation created by Sentimony Records and is available from the distinguished Ektoplazm netlabel.

Each of the artists featured on the album are Ukrainian, and this is Sentimony Records debut release from 2007.

The album is a joy to listen to and will appeal to those who appreciate downtempo, chill-out, psychill and even fans of the Berlin school of electronic music. Each of the artists stands out. The tracks comprise a wonderful blend of psychedelic ambience and slow, relaxing and warm beats.

Great as background and also through the headphones. Several of the artists are worth following up. Harax really caught my attention because his tracks are traditional electronic tunes, but which, to me, are evocative of what you would expect from Tangerine Dream.


Harax – Dreamy (80 BPM) Sphingida – After This (90 BPM) Solcast – Chinese Pineapple (90 BPM) Zymosis – Alien Creation (68 BPM) Heinali – Endless (91 BPM) Harax – Clepsydra (80 BPM) Zymosis – Sound Of Magic (91 BPM) Frans Gosu – Morbit (130 BPM) Solcast – Cheiook (80 BPM) Ader Project – Serotonin (100 BPM) Sphingida – Outside (64 BPM)