Deep, throbbing drone and ambient doom.

She Haunts Me, by i AM esper (Justin Palmieri) was first released through the Ukranian label Depressive Illusions Records in Aug 2011 on cassette format and was limited to 100 hand numbered copies. The CDr version, released later in October through Vomit Bucket Productions was limited to 30 hand numbered copies. The CDr is also available from BigCartel

The album starts nice and slow with Inside The Catacombs I. Drones and rushes of sound abound. Inside The Catacombs Pt.II is deeper than I and heavier, and while appearing to be repetetive, it is in fact full of nuances that slowly build, gradually introducing a subtle complexity to the track.

The title track comprises minimal menace. A deeper bass sound is introduced here, heralding a phase of evolution, preparing you for the remainder of the album.

A Sombre Moon Through The Black Myst Pt.1 is completely different. Excellent lead laid over a slow raw and powerful deep bass background. A Sombre Moon Through The Black Myst Pt.2 is much harder, more meaty. Over this is what you’d expect from a traditional dark ambient track – rushes of sound and processed lead that gives the impression of the voices of the members of some hard-bitten choir.

This is designed for dark ambient/drone/doom heads. The album is brilliant in that although it begins in classic dark ambient fashion, i AM esper’s trademark electric baritone guitar shines throughout each track and is used to great effect. It is difficult to classify an album like this. It comprises dark ambient, dark ambient doom and dark doom sounds. Inside The Catacombs I and II introduce a world shut away from the outside, protected by thick walls deep underground. These tracks are subtle, shadowy – as though everything is muted. The title track, She Haunts Me, prepares you for the journey up and out of this place until you are exposed to the full and unexpected effect of the Sombre Moon Through The Black Myst. So cool. This is an album of contrasts that takes you from subtle dark ambient to really cool bass-throbbing uncompromising fist-making down-on-your-knees-doom-laden-air-guitar. Yeah! Love it 🙂

Remember Cheech and Chong’s Next Movie where Chong is playing his guitar in the house? Remember how loud that was? Well, this needs to be played louder on the biggest, dirtiest speakers you can lay your hands on.

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