The Ep Accidents by Dentist was released by Rural Colours earlier this year. ‘Lost Track’ is light and airy and has a dream-like quality that lulls the listener into a wonderfully relaxed state. The second track, ‘Gliding’, begins with a slow repetitive drone that provides a mesmeric back-drop to isolated swirls of sound that gently announce themselves, provide a short performance and then fade away before being replaced by the next set.

‘Spirals’ is a slower paced track, where lush drones wash over the listener like a gentle tide, cleansing the mind and leaving you feeling fresh and clear. As ever, the last track, ‘Spray’ is yours to discover on your own.

A really nice set of ambient tracks by Dentist (part of Bengalfuel), it is obvious that this artist is certainly one to keep on your radar. Download the Ep (link on the release page) and set aside 20 mins and let the music turn you horizontal.