Album Cover

Dual Face 204, an EP by The 17 Sons Of Abraxas comprises two very different tracks. The first track, South Face, has a glacial feel to it. The atmosphere is dominated by minimal pops and clicks occassionally accompanied by wavering drones and subtle sounds of cold air moving through narrow spaces. Very ambient and meditative. You can almost feel the unforgiving nature of a harsh mountainous environment.

North Face is quite different. Reminiscent of classic ’50’s Sci-Fi movie scores, there are plenty of sounds of alien technological automation rising and falling to the tune of varying power levels. Still quite ambient, this is ‘journey’ music: it will sweep you up and carry you away. I was put in mind of Dr Morbius’ tour of the Wonders of the Krell in the classic Forbidden Planet.

Both tracks are great to get the imagination going. Camped precariously on the side of a cold, bare mountain meditating on the stillness, or immersed in the sounds of alien industry. Definitely worth a listen. Get those headphones out as this is music to listen to in seclusion.