Kirill Platonkin  creates amazing ambient drone in different flavours. Various netlabels and labels have released his albums, including Darkwinter, Biodata, Umpako, ADX Records and more… He also releases his work via his own Tukuringra Netlabel.

Psychic Transport is full of dreamy drones. The album begins with a light airy piece named ‘Effervescent Light Of Beyond’. It wafts around like fog, swirling gently about your speakers and sets the tone for the rest of this incredibly relaxing album. ‘Exfoliation of Illusions’ is a little harder and reading the description of the album in which Kirill describes the journey that souls might take when searching for a form of nirvana, or simply a better life, it is apparent that this track is intended to convey the sense of stripping off superflous material concerns, exposing a purer form that can move on the next incarnation of existence.

Metempsychosis describes the ermergence of the soul after it’s ‘exfoliation’. Clinical yet soft drones introduce the track and slowly transform into stronger, richer sounds levelling out to a comfortable drone that itself devolves into a sigh of wind.

The title track is awesome and is, I think, one of Kirill’s best moments. It begins with a slow rhythmic rushing and a supporting light tone that gently wavers. The two exist independently to begin with but slowly recognise each other and gradually work together to form a harmony that is so soft you are left with a feeling of having felt something quite special.

‘We Fly’ takes this concept further. Gentle drones that give a sense of true relaxing ambience, almost as if the characters portrayed feel they are close to their goal – attaining a sense of true self.

I have to admit to being a big fan of Kirill Platonkin’s work. Psychic Transport is a very good album and well worth listening to. You can let the discussion guide you and consider the concept of liberation through hearing (Bardo Todol – a guide for the spirit as it passes through the experience between death and rebirth), or simply enjoy its wonderful ambient sounds for what they are.

From the release page:

The idea of “Psychic Transport” was born in a dream, where people were like shiny beams, moving to and fro in space, reincarnating in different worlds and in different forms. Men and Women turned out to be the portals for new spirits’ arrival on Earth. Furthermore, the whole atmosphere is much influenced by Bardo Todol, a guidebook for released souls, who should seek for effervescent and dazzling light, and avoid soft light sources – to get closer to really Better World. So, this album is an attempt to look into the unknown depths of the Other Side.