I saw this video today ‘We Know It Will End’ by Descent Into The Void. Four minutes of melancholy drone that carries you along like a leaf gently bobbing along the surface of a slow stream. Ambient drone! Need to investigate this! Especially as Descent Into The Void is a project by the same person responsible for creating The No-Tone Project.

The track is taken from the EP Cancer and the track listing reflects the terrible aspects of the disease. The first track, Hemangioblastoma, is a dark journey through desolate places. It has a feeling of emptiness and sadness. This leads into Scapel, a stronger track with deeper lightly pulsing drones. You can hear the occassional hint of something trying to break through which is overlaid by sudden rushes of tones that seem to be lashing the edge of your perception.

Platinum is quite different – busier, and here you can really hear the guitar work. Still quite ambient, but with hints of doom creeping in.

Featuring three more tracks, this EP, coming in at just under 30 minutes is nice piece of ambient drone. It is used to great effect, as the overall feeling of the album captures the names of the tracks.

If you enjoy listening to this check out other work by DITV and TNTP.