Cover artRed Fog produces quality ambient drone with more than a hint of darkness added to the mix. aReW Recordings have recently released Sculpted In Luminol which features 4 tracks covering 52mins.

Anyone familiar with Dronerider can expect a slightly busier production, but with the same dark quality. These tracks comprise minimal industrial and organic sounds laid over drones that conjour vibrant landscapes to populate your imagination. ‘Memory Of The Ferrofluids’ leaves you with a distinct impression of what said ferrofluids’ environment might sound like. ‘199 Broken Light Tubes’ is a great spacey echoing piece that puts me in mind of alien factories operating in the vacuum of space and evolves into lush organic noises gently bubbling and popping away in some primal black swamp. Frostar is a beautiful ambient track that gently caresses the senses with deep drones accompanied by lighter ephemeral overlays. Like 199 Broken Light Tubes, it gradually introduces organic sounds (quite different from the previous track) that allow the track to evolve. Chloroform Phantom? I’ll let you discover that one for yourselves.

I really enjoyed listening to this. If you appreciate light and dark ambient mixed but with a strong leaning to the darker side, get this.

Remember, the red is the sound, the fog is the canvas.