Recent quality dark ambient/drone/experimental/atmospheric music that has pleased my ears 🙂

Cybernetic Recursion

OVDK & Bunk Data’s Cyberntic Recursion has been released on Endless Ascent, a netlabel specialising in the lighter side of ambient music. The OVDK & Bunk Data collaboration has also released material on Endless Ascent’s sister netlabel Darkwinter. Both are well worth checking out. This album leans towards a more experimental and ambient approach than was seen in Discourse Of The Other and is well worth checking out.








Dark ambient masters, Inade, have released Antimimon Pneumatos at a reduced price until the end of November. Inade are renowned for their high-quality dark ambient music, and this does not disappoint. Several of the tracks contain a fair amount of dialogue that has been intelligently woven into the music. Atmospheric backgrounds designed to make you feel that little bit edgy abound, contributing to a soundscape that I found excellent.

More to come as and when – I have a large amount to share.